Rahman Supermarket bvba

Maatschappelijke zetel:
Zwevegemsestraat 48
8500 Kortrijk

Zwevegemsestraat 35
8500 kortrijk
tel. 056 20 03 49
gsm. 0465 84 61 24

Pluimstraat 17-23, 8500 kortrijk
tel. 056 51 98 60
gsm. 0489 13 55 59

BTW: BE0460.364.374


About Company

On 8th June 1993 I founded with my sister (Sofia Diwan Ali) and brother-in-law
(Rahman Abdul Razzaq) a shop named Rahman. The shop was located in the Zwevegemsestraat 35, 8500 Kortrijk.

In 1997 the shop moved to the other side, to Zwevegesestraat 48. This building was rented. I still rent the building. The shop also changed from 'man business' to' bvba.
End of this year I opened a night shop. It was located next to the Day shop. Approximately one year after it was transferred to the other side (Zwevegemsestraat 33).
In 2004 I expanded the matter. Now you can contact me for goods in large pieces at Rahman Wholesale. In 2004, the wholesale only based in importing fruits and vegetables from Uganda, Africa.

Since 2009, the store was extended to Indian and Pakistani spices and also exotic foods.
Me and my sister Sofia also have a second job namely a non-profit organization, Isaac Rahman Foundation. Also known as RIF.

This foundation was created to help Pakistanis in our region. The operation of our association is twofold.

First, we are active in Belgium and we also support projects in Kashmir, especially in the healthcare field.