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Groenten & Fruit

Red sweet potato

The skin color of sweet potato varies from white, yellow, red, purple to brown. In addition, flesh color also ranges from white, yellow, orange to orange-red. In the sweet potato family, there are a number of varieties of shapes, sizes and colors come up. With their unique reddish color and delicious taste, red sweet potatoes are cooked by boiling, sautéing, roasting, grilling and mashing.

For buying red sweet potatoes, you are advised to get associated with Rahmans. We are one of the praised and valued exporters and suppliers of red sweet potato that are purchased directly from our reliable farmers. The potatoes are highly rich in their nutrition, purity, cleanness, aromatic scent and original taste. Moreover, these are hygienically packed and are available in the market at discount rates.

Generally, there are two types of sweet potatoes come up in the market – firm and soft. When cooked, firm category remains firm and soft varieties remains soft and moist. To buy the items at discount rates, contact us just by filling in online order form. Our customer care executives will contact you without being late. So, just give us a chance to work with you.