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Groenten & Fruit


When thinking about yams, then the first question comes to mind is what the difference between sweet potatoes and yams is? They look like same, but botanically they are distinguished. Yams are the usual name for some species in the genus Dioscorea - family Dioscoreaceae. Available in all over the world, they are farmed for the consumption of their starchy tubers in a number of countries such as Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

Of late, there are over 600 varieties of yams come up in the market. They are starchier and drier than sweet potatoes. Do you want to taste the vegetable at least once? Rahmans is here to help you out in buying not only yams, a list of vegetable and fruits at discount rates. To get associated with the supplier, all you need to do is fill in its online form.

We are an apparent and well-known supplier of diverse fruits and vegetable to customers from all over the world. We buy the items directly from the farmers so get able to give huge discounts to our associates. Our professional packages your order safely and securely so that they do not lose their nutritional value.