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Groenten & Fruit


Also known as amaranth and amaranthus, Bitekuteku is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs. The leaves are cultivated in a vegetable crop in a number of countries around the world. According to the species, these leaves vary in color from red and gold to purple and green, sometimes on the same plant. If you are looking for sweet spinach, then buying the Bitekuteku will not be a bad idea.

Once you prepare the Bitekuteku, eat it. To retain the taste, avoid reheating them after they are cooked. Reheating of the leaves could cause their nitrates to convert into other nitrite which is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers. To buy the leaves at discount rates, contact Rahmans. Apart from low rates, our services are unique and exclusive as well.

Being a recognized and valued supplier of variety of vegetables and fruits, Rahmans holds a number of customers located any corners of the world. It buys fresh and quality products directly from farmers and sells them to customers, thus removing the involvement of brokers. With the years of experience, we have become able to deliver quality services to our customers.