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Fruit & Vegetables

Yellow plantain

Plantain is a calling name for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa. In fact, the fruit is produced for cooking. However, bananas and plantains are not distinguished botanically, but the use of either term is based totally on how the fruits are consumed. A yellow plantain to the inexpert eyes could easily be mistaken for a banana. It not only looks, but also smells like a banana. 

Yellow plantains are bigger in size than bananas, harder to peel (especially when they are green), and cannot be eaten raw. Yellow plantains must be cooked for consumption. While, bananas can be eaten without being cooked. Plantain is always ready to get cooked no matter what stage of ripeness in it is - green, yellow or black. 

To buy yellow plantain, contact Rahmans as it offers vegetables and fruits at discount rates after purchasing them directly from farmers. It holds not only domestic customers, but also international ones. With the industry experience and presence of professionals, we are able to deliver order without any damage and on time.